March 27, 2014

Robot in Ruby Shoes

Robot in Ruby Shoes

acrylic & marker on paper
3.75in x 4.25in

My creation for the this weeks theme RED at Illustration Friday.

As much fun as this was to create I'm quickly realizing that it's easy for me to never stop. Participating in these weekly themed events which a call weekly 'challenges' have already taught me a lot.

The deadline pushes me to find a compromised finish in any way my limited abilities deem fit. I'm pushed outside of my comfort zone to reach a level of finish I could begrudgingly send of as my submission. This in turn forces me to resolve issues to reach this point. As much as I hate it ... it's really helping me.

I've also come to realize that instead of fretting over a mistake or mistakes .... get over it and fix them.
Once the fear of ruining it even more subsides and the fix has been accomplished it's easier to do it the next time(s).

The evolution of a piece is the most interesting to me. Here are a few stages of this piece.

The fun part for me is drawing. I just the feeling of pencil on paper. The painting part is a struggle.

It just continued to change as I worked along. Some things changed to resolve issues and others just happened.


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