December 23, 2016


Acrylic on Daler Rowney 115lb paper
5 inches x 5 inches

This is my illustration for this week's Illustration Friday word of inspiration ROCK.
I painted this using black & white acrylic paint mixed to create various values. The fine lines were done with permanent marker.
It is painted on Daler Rowney acrylic paper & is 5 inches x 5 inches in size.

I've been away for ages & it felt really rushed to get this done. I will add colour to it sometime soon but I wanted to get this posted before the new inspirational word is introduced today.

Photo taken with LGG3 scanner. I placed a sheet of shatter proof glass (which I use as my palette) to hold the piece flat. The texture on the glass is visible in the photo but I kind of like the 'pixel-like' effect it gave.

Thank you for visiting. Any comments or constructive criticism is always appreciated.

May 8, 2014

Montezuma's Revenge

Montezuma's Revenge

Graphite on Paper
5.75in x 8in

This is my drawing for this weeks Illustration Friday topic 'Revenge'. 
I wanted to get something entered this week 
and I knew if I stuck to using pencil I would have a better chance 
of getting that accomplished.

It was really fun to do this piece. 
I added the text using Photoshop 
which made it even easier to meet the deadline.

~ g ~

April 3, 2014

Sizzle Monster

Sizzle Monster

acrylic on Daler Rowney 115lb paper
3.5in x 6in

Even though you & I would cringe at the idea of getting 'sizzled' by an electric current ...
this guy actually likes it.

Painted for the theme 'Sizzle' at Illustration Friday.

March 27, 2014

Robot in Ruby Shoes

Robot in Ruby Shoes

acrylic & marker on paper
3.75in x 4.25in

My creation for the this weeks theme RED at Illustration Friday.

As much fun as this was to create I'm quickly realizing that it's easy for me to never stop. Participating in these weekly themed events which a call weekly 'challenges' have already taught me a lot.

The deadline pushes me to find a compromised finish in any way my limited abilities deem fit. I'm pushed outside of my comfort zone to reach a level of finish I could begrudgingly send of as my submission. This in turn forces me to resolve issues to reach this point. As much as I hate it ... it's really helping me.

I've also come to realize that instead of fretting over a mistake or mistakes .... get over it and fix them.
Once the fear of ruining it even more subsides and the fix has been accomplished it's easier to do it the next time(s).

The evolution of a piece is the most interesting to me. Here are a few stages of this piece.

The fun part for me is drawing. I just the feeling of pencil on paper. The painting part is a struggle.

It just continued to change as I worked along. Some things changed to resolve issues and others just happened.


March 21, 2014

Thomas Goes Fishing

Thomas Goes Fishing
acrylic & pencil on paper
4in x 4.25in

I'm not colourblind. Really!

My IF submission for GONE FISHING is posted under IF topic RED.

The first post on my blog & my first time participating in Illustration Friday weekly challenge. Lots of firsts.
Regrettably the setting up of this blog in order to post my take on the topic & uploading my image to IF all for the first time ran my submission late. Boo me ... go ahead.

It ended up being posted with the next IF topic titled RED. So to say it looks a bit out of place where it's posted would an understatement!

Anyway I did it and I sure hope they realize that it is actually done for the special March 14th topic GONE FISHING in honour of Thomas James' week off & not RED....or will I look colour blind.

So here it is.


"Thomas James has 'gone fishing' for a week off from his fast paced freelance life. That week off means a week off from a ringing cell phone".
I bet Thomas wishes he had his cell phone with him now!

~ g ~